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Why Our Elderberry syrup & kits rock!


Elderberry is Gangster

and we are absolutely obsessed with it! OK...to start, we love Elderberry and its been a blessing since bringing it into our lives. We had a busy household with runny noses, colds, and of course, that dreaded flu...It always felt like a never ending battle. After being introduced to all the benefits and learning how to take Elderberry we noticed it was definitely a game changer.

Made with Organic Ingredients

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Pre- made Elderberry Syrup ready to go or make your own with our Easy DIY Elderberry Syrup Kits
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Elderberry tea

Perfect for when you are feeling under the weather or just need that extra BOOST! Best served Hot and Mixed with Honey!

Elderberry Syrup Bundle

Our bundle helps make your own Elderberry Syrup even more convenient! This Bundle Includes a large DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit (makes 32.oz), Nando’s Local Honey (16.oz), Easy Pour Mason Top, and Mason Jar (16.oz)
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Syrup Kits

Its so easy...you can totally do it!

Organic Ingredients

Elderberry Teas

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